Our Story

Since founded in 2015 in Dublin, VHSHOSTING is committed to providing the highest quality with global availability. We focus on the stability of our Data Centers, rigorous internal processes, and the high standards of customer support

People are what make VHSHOSTING. Every day, we put our passion, dedication, and expertise into taking care of our customers’ websites. We love what we do and we are motivated to deliver an outstanding service. We overcome challenges that our competitors consider impossible and help our clients manage their websites easily.


We hire the best

people & train them to become top experts.

Smart, open-minded, hard-working, friendly people with an eagerness to overcome challenges – that’s the type of people that work at VHSHOSTIN service your website. We pick our co-workers carefully, because being able to count on and learn from each other is important. Every new VHSHOSTING goes through an extensive training and we believe this is the best investment in the future of the company.


We care

about our clients, our colleagues, and our industry.

We are driven

by curiosity, passion, and making an impact.

We love what we do

and we always deliver more than expected.

We believe in using new technologies

to overcome challenges and raise the bar.


We invest in our employees’ happiness.

Happy people are eager to grow and make the impossible possible. That’s why we invest in our employees’ happiness. We make sure our offices are comfortable and inspiring places and consciously motivate our people to pursue a healthy work-life balance. We believe these efforts foster a friendly and creative environment where our people develop smart technologies and innovative business solutions.


We deliver high-quality innovation, and top support expertise.

When you put the right people together in a team, you always get top results. At VHSHOSTING, this awesome mix of great people spikes technical innovation, boosts the level of expertise, and guarantees a high quality of service. Visit our blog to see what’s been cooking lately.


We Grow And Stick Together Through The Years

Over the past decade and a half, VHSHOSTING has grown to more than 100 employees. A considerable number of our people who started working at VHSHOSTING 5 or more years ago are still part of our team, including our top executives. This long-term commitment in the high-paced IT industry results in a stable company culture with vision and values that lead us steadily ahead. We are also proud to be able to onboard amazing people each year who add know-how and enhance our expertise. As from 2018 we combined efforts with Contabo services in Germany and we do customer service to help them deliver there servers solutions to the world. Please note that VHSHOSTING does not sell or operate any servers or subscription we just do commotions for Contabo to do support and marketing for them.

100000+ Domain Names Registered

90000+ WebSites Hosted

70000+ Happy Customer

What we do


Instant Service

Here, too, we took our inspiration from daily live to see that there are major differences in doing business on the Internet. The idea of buying clothes without seeking advice from the shop assistant has become inconceivable for most people nowadays.
So, why shouldn’t this also apply when you make purchases on the Internet?
We have provided several avenues of communication for our customers and visitors to contact us as quickly and efficiently as possible – without them having to pay a single cent for expensive hotlines or premium memberships.


Web Hosting Made Easy Now!

We provides its clients with variety of hosting services needed to maintain the most sophisticated and successful Internet presence for business.

Our commitment to high performance web hosting is illustrated by our installed technology. You won’t see any low performance, off-the-shelf PCs here. Fundy Hosting employs dozens of high performance web servers to serve web pages with lightning speed.

You can rest assured that your hosted web site will be fast, responsive, and reliable.

Our Management Team

Jessica Priston Support Supervisor

John Franklin Designer

Jacki Alexa Designer

Indi Lyndsey Developer

Karla Alishana Developer

Alen Devonate Ceo